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Quiet Riot: aka: The Shy Sober Kid Zine
A compilation of stories from people about shyness, anxiety, being sober, and finding ways to cultivate joy and confidence, self-awareness, and more.


Road Kill: Very short stories by Miranda Rose
Micro stories: War stories, family stories of the Bosnian War; Family; Sex and absence; Social interactions and social pain; Art and writing and plants and hate and more.

SCAM #7: The Return to Miami
Art Basel, tear gas, sylvester stallone, take back the land, FTAA protests, Shephard Fairey and MORE!


Seawitch #6
Creating new names for themselves. The cyclical nature of healing. Some suggestions for white people on working against white supremacy and racism. and more.

price: 3.39

Seawitch #9
"...being queer, being femme and being a survivor. Itís about the way those three things interact, internalized queerphobia, internalized misogyny and trauma..."


Shoes Fanzine #8 Interviews Old and New
5 interviews exploring poltical and social projects: Anti-Racist Action, Purple Thistle Center (collective community space), Shellshag, Aaron Cometbus, and an interview with a friend who sailed the Pacific Ocean for 7 months with her estranged father.

Spider Teeth: wherein our protaganist flies to Thailand to get a brand new cunt.
Super thick zine with a lot of details of getting surgery, but also about way more than surgery: it's about finding a way to tell the true story of her life without reinforcing cultural assumptions and the problematic macro-narrative that has been created about transwomen, and also telling the truth, finding ways to tell her story so it can be universally understood.


Srviv III
More stories about why to get out of bed. Stories by Joshua James Amberson, Alice Bag, Kelli Callis, Emma Karin Eriksson, Jenna Freedman, Nyxia Grey, Hennie Hinchcliff, Jim Joyce, Liz Mayorga, Matthew Moyer, Art Noose, Kendy Paxia, Jami Sailor, Aaron Weber and Alex Wrekk. Collected and edited by Jonas

price: 2.36

Starfrosting #10
Beautiful zine about place and longing and land and yearning. Growing and NYC. Little interactions. trying to figure it out. "What song are you singing out into the world, what are you singing back towards you?" Magic and herbs and Judaism and being a witch. discovery. I love it!

price: 3.39

Sticking Around #2
Stories from life: taking a risk and recording herself singing and playing ukulele, her house buring down, her friend getting in a bike wreck and falling into a month long coma. Somehow making it through it all.


Sticking Around #3
I love how each issue builds on the past and creates a map of growth. In this issue, Katie starts playing shows, even though it's scary. Plus stories about the way music can connect and validate.


Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric #16: Saying Goodbye
Stories about growing up in Tazewell (rural) Virginia, and recounting her 23 year long friendship with her best friend - starting at age 10, some really funny stories, some really sad. I love thinking about knowing someone for that long, and tracing back your life in connection with a friend like that.

price: 2.36

Thou Shalt Not Talk about the White Boys' Club: Challenging the Unwritten Rules of Punk (Updated and expanded)
"This updated second version of Thou Shalt Not Talk about the White Boys' Club is 60 half-sized pages, over three times as long as the original, and includes expanded essays on topics like failed opportunities for white punks to work against white supremacy, the duality of excessive consumption or sobriety, the hierarchy of acceptable anger in punk, the effects of satire used in lyrics and band imagery, femmephobia and (internalized) misogyny, punk as an utopian ideal of white and male carelessness and ignorance, labeling critiques of shock value as "PC culture," desirability politics, and mosh pit etiquette." (from Hoax website)


Things Men Have Told Me About My Body
A compilation of snippets and stories - validating in that we are often so alone in the comments we hear, both from objectifying strangers and from the people who are supposed to love us. Making the comments visible helps shift the internalizing shame and turn it to mobilization and self-acceptance.

Transformations: poems on becoming
Poems by Marius Mason, Transgender, Green Scare prisoner currently incarcerated for 22 years for eco-sabotage including the arson of a GMO facility.


Trash Heap #1
Sweet punk zine, with a great story about being pentacostal and having a mentor and trying to talk with him about issues with masturbating. Moving to Japan and being given a big stack of Cometbus zines, and reading them and deciding religion was fucked and to live life! Realizing he's gay. Stories about hitchhiking, and more.


You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania #8: memory loss, queer(y)ing growth, and teen advice
this zine discusses "...the complications I have seemingly always had with remembering things, reconceptualizing the past to more adequately place myself in the future, and ideas to share with non-normative teens and young adults for navigating tough situations."

price: 1.82

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